Binding and Finishing Services

Perhaps the most important part of every project we do is how we finish it. At every point in production we work to the highest quality standards, but none more than in our finishing areas. It is this last step in the production process that we assemble all the pieces into the final finished product. It is the most hands on step and is truly a craft. As proud as we are of our equipment, we are most proud of the people in our Bindery and Finishing areas. 

The options for finishing your printed piece are unlimited. There are the simple tasks of cutting, folding, collating and stapling, but there are also many other options such as perfect binding, coil binding, die-cutting, foil stamping, UV coating, and drilling. Take any combination of these options and the types of printed products we can create are endless.  By housing most of our finishing under one roof, along with our offset and digital print services and our experienced staff, we can assure our clients the highest levels of consistency and quality.  

If you’re looking for expert binding and finishing services in the Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County, PA areas, turn to PDC Graphics.


     Jennifer and I (the Museum’s creative team) had a great conversation with Mark. He is beside himself with how happy he is with the book. He says everyone who has seen it (including Scott, the museum president) have all told him the look, feel and finish exceeds their expectations.

     Mark really appreciates that you (PDC) spent so much time and effort to get everything right, to help him understand the process and for turning around the first set of copies as quickly as you did. He is very impressed with your attention to detail, the quality of the printing, binding and the overall finish of the book.

     BTW, Jennifer and I feel the same way. Well done PDC! Thank you again