Digital Printing

Digital printing is the game changer: it’s fast, accurate, high quality, well priced, efficient, provides a good return on investment, offers a wide variety, and more. Digital printing is clearly the best choice for short runs, print-on-demand pieces, or data-driven projects. Our digital printing group, which is housed within our production facility, leverages industry-leading technologies for the benefit of our customers. Our capabilities stand at the crossroads of the highest level of performance, efficiency, quality, and cost effectiveness.  

The Benefits of Digital Printing Include:

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  • Cost-effective - Digital printing doesn't require much setup time, which makes it an excellent option for short printing runs. 
  • The elimination of obsolescence by only printing what you need and when you need it. 
  • Virtual print on demand with connections from customer portals directly to our devices for speed and accuracy a maximum size of 14 by 26 inches to maximize the variety of pieces that can be produced. 
  • Using metallic gold, silver, and clear inks to create stunning, and eye-opening effects.  
  • Flexibility - Digital Printing can use Variable Data Printing (VDP), to easily swap and alter addresses, graphics and text, so you can totally personalize your materials for each of your customers.   
  • Being driven by high-end Fiery Raster Image Processors for speed and quality control

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Take your printing and mailing campaign to the next level of response and return on investment by leveraging our digital printing capabilities and services. Studies have shown that personalization, coupled with color images, clearly drives response rates far beyond what standard static print pieces can yield. At PDC Graphics, we have a proven track record of helping our clients grow their businesses and increase responses by utilizing digital print services that combine data and high-end images.  

We provide digital printing services to customers throughout Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA.


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