A Review of the Best Print Campaigns of 2022

The constant changes in the digital world do not affect the reliability of the printed word for advertisers and marketers. Print campaigns continue to be a reliable way for brands to build awareness, market their products, and inspire the masses. In recent years, many companies have shifted their marketing campaigns back to print. This post will showcase some of the best print campaigns of 2022 to inspire your own campaigns in 2023.

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The Benefits of Offset Printing for Large-Scale Printing Projects

Offset printing is a method of printing where the image is transferred from a metal plate to a printing material. These plates are then used to print multiple copies of the same image and offer a cost-effective, consistent final project. Particularly for high-volume printing projects. Are you considering using offset printing for your next large-scale printing project?  Read on to learn why offset printing is the best choice for your large-scale printing projects.

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Why Does Color Accuracy Matter in Printing?

When it comes to printing, color accuracy is crucial. It’s one of the main factors that set apart a professionally printed piece from an amateur one. If you want to ensure that your business’ message keeps its intended impact, then you need to make sure that your logo and brand colors are accurately reproduced on printed materials—even if they’re only going to be seen by a few people. But what exactly is color accuracy in printing? And why should you care about it?

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Becoming a Mindful Business Leader

According to Mindful.org, mindfulness is characterized as the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s happening around us. It’s a practice gaining momentum in the workplace, with many organizations promoting it as an effective method to combat anxiety and depression that can lead to workplace burnout.

This article will explore what it means to become a mindful business leader, its benefits, and how you can flex your mindful leadership muscles. But first, let’s examine why companies choose this effective leadership style.

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6 Business Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is an effective channel for engaging customers and prospects. According to the 2022 State of Direct Mail Report, marketers are ramping up direct mail initiatives this year because of its many business advantages. In this post, we’ll highlight why direct mail remains a robust strategy for any organization.

Direct mail marketing is a business-enhancing tool because it helps you:

1. Target your ideal audience

2. Boost brand awareness and loyalty

3. Close deals faster

4. Drive leads and revenue

5. Invest your marketing dollars wisely

6. Stand out from your competitors

Keep reading to learn more about these six business advantages of using direct mail marketing to help you reach your organizational goals.

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Large Format Printing Drives Business Development

Large format printing is a crucial tool for business development, particularly in tradeshow booth design and point-of-purchase displays. In this blog post, we’ll explore four key areas where large format printing can help your business stand out and drive growth: tradeshow booth backdrops and retractable banners, wall and floor graphics, and point-of-purchase displays.

Tradeshow Booth Backdrops and Retractable Banners

Tradeshow booth backdrops are a great way to make a big impression at a tradeshow or conference. These large graphics are typically displayed behind a booth or exhibit space and provide a visually striking background for your products or services. There are several types of tradeshow booth backdrops to choose from, including tension fabric displays, pop-up displays, and custom printed backdrops.

Tension fabric displays are a popular choice for tradeshow booth backdrops because they are lightweight, easy to set up, and can be custom printed with your company’s branding and messaging. These displays are made of a stretchy fabric material that is stretched over a frame, creating a seamless and wrinkle-free display.

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7 Reasons to Use Print Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

Amid the rise of digital advertising channels like Twitter, Facebook, and email, print marketing remains a time-tested strategy for boosting customer engagement and sales. In fact, 72% of corporations use direct mail advertising to build brand awareness effectively. As demand for print continues its upward climb, experts predict remarkable growth in the commercial printing market through 2025, giving this valuable marketing strategy even more momentum.

If you’re considering adding print marketing to your mix, this article will break down our seven favorite reasons to proceed with confidence:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Creative
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Time-efficient
  6. Convenient
  7. Personalized

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How to Choose a Higher Education Direct Mail Printer

Higher education marketing teams and administrators have long used direct mail for recruitment, fundraising, and branding because it’s a remarkably effective tool. However, a successful campaign extends deeper than mailing lists, printing presses, and postage. The printer you choose can play a vital role in advancing your initiatives, giving you peace of mind with a trusted partner in your court. So, how can you know whether your printer has what it takes to move the needle? The answer comes down to asking the right questions.

In this article, we’ll describe three questions to consider that can reveal whether a printer shares your dedication to achieving your mission – or they’re merely interested in landing another print job.

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10 Direct Mail Marketing Ideas to Earn Repeat Customers

Retaining customers is an extremely valuable part of your organization’s success. According to the book, Leading on the Edge of Chaos, just a 2% increase in customer retention affects your profit the same as cutting costs by 10%!

So, what’s the secret to earning repeat customers? Building loyalty. And print marketing is an excellent strategy for getting ahead.

In this article, we’ll explain how print marketing builds customer loyalty, discuss the role of direct mail marketing, and provide ten direct mail ideas to start earning repeat business for your organization – stat.

How print marketing builds customer loyalty

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Traditional vs. Digital Marketing: Which is Best for You?

Traditional and digital marketing are proven drivers of business growth. So, which method is best for your organization? In this post, we’ll argue that they both deserve a seat at the table. We’ll also introduce you to a new cutting-edge technology that blends the advantages of traditional and digital marketing into one ROI-boosting direct mail advertising solution that can dramatically boost your results.

First, let’s review a high-level summary of traditional and digital marketing to distinguish these complementary strategies.

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