8 Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Success

We know that direct mail marketing is effective, cost-efficient, and trackable when paired with omnichannel technologies like IQ Mail, but not every mailer is designed for success. However, a helpful rule can shed some light on designing and writing your mailer to enhance the results, and it’s based on an easy-to-remember formula: the 3:33 rule.

What is the 3:33 rule for direct mail?

This time-tested formula suggests that you have:

· 3 seconds to grab the recipient’s attention

· 30 seconds to engage and entice them to read more

· 3 minutes for your prospect to determine whether to respond

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How to Design a Trade Show Banner: Printing Tips

Tradeshow Illustration

Trade shows present an excellent opportunity for your company to tell its story. Research shows that trade show visitors will spend an average of eight hours exploring exhibits. Nearly all of those visitors are armed with the authority to make purchasing decisions.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that you’ll be just one of many businesses at the trade show, all vying for purchasers’ attention.

One way to capture that attention is through an attractive trade show banner. In this blog post, we’ll offer some tradeshow banner printing tips that will help draw customers to your booth.

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Top 7 Direct Mail Marketing Best Practices

When we hear the term “direct mail,” it’s tempting to picture the array of flyers and coupons that seems to clog up your mailbox every few weeks.

When done right, direct mail can be memorable, not disposable. Targeted direct mail has a very distinct and significant advantage over email — when someone receives something in the mail they have to physically look at it. Many/most people who receive direct targeted emails delete them without ever even looking at them.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the direct mail marketing best practices you can use to increase your audience.

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