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A Review of the Best Print Campaigns of 2022

The constant changes in the digital world do not affect the reliability of the printed word for advertisers and marketers. Print campaigns continue to be a reliable way for brands to build awareness, market their products, and inspire the masses. In recent years, many companies have shifted their marketing campaigns back to print. This post will showcase some of the best print campaigns of 2022 to inspire your own campaigns in 2023.

Bumble, “#MakeRomanceEqual”

Bumble, a dating app, is no stranger to print advertising. They have an expert understanding of how multiple customer touchpoints can influence business success. In fact, they have leveraged print advertisements to gain international notoriety. Previous campaigns, such as 2019s Bubble Mag and #EqualNotLoose, made international headlines despite their national audiences in the US and India respectively. After the release of their internationally acclaimed 2019 campaigns, Bumble’s valuation doubled from $1.5 billion to $3 billion. Just two years after these successful print campaigns, Bumble stock went public on the NASDAQ.

In 2022, the dating app Bumble launched yet another successful print marketing campaign in quarter one. Instead of simply releasing videos on short-form digital platforms, Bumble broke the mold with a bright yellow magazine spread in conjunction with a short film. 

The printed advertisement, part of the company’s #MakeRomanceEqual campaign, featured fictional conversations between two users of a dating app. The conversation in question was riddled with the tropes of online dating against a bold, bumble-yellow backdrop for branding. Bumble included two lines of high-impact text to drive action: “The rules of dating are so weird. Let’s break them.” The printed #MakeRomanceEqual campaign came on the heels of Bumble’s short digital film, “The Romance Gap.” Together, these print and digital advertisements expanded Bumble’s audience beyond the digital world.

Print Marketing Returns Results for Technology Companies

Bumble’s subsequent revenue reports for their investors clearly show the print campaigns’ contribution to their growth. The Second Quarter 2022 Results announcement shows the full impact of the campaign released in March 2022. In the months following the campaign’s release, Bumble paid users increased by 31%. This growth trend continued through the third quarter, which saw a 36% increase in paid users. 

Even for technology companies, print is a necessary and successful means to market a product or brand. Despite Bumble’s status as one of the newest dating apps, it controls 22% of the dating app marketing share. This level of success and rapid growth can only be achieved by a well-rounded marketing strategy. For successful tech companies like Bumble, print is key to achieving marketing ROI.

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User Print campaigns build trust and inspirer prospective customers.

Adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing”

Adidas, unlike Bumble, predates the days of digital marketing. So, they had to be experts in print marketing to succeed. In their nearly 75 years of business, Adidas has launched print marketing campaigns that inspired entire generations.

Among these print campaigns is the “Impossible is Nothing,” featuring Muhammad Ali. “Impossible is Nothing” is credited as the campaign that changed the history of Adidas. When Adidas was at a clear disadvantage to its rivals Nike and Reebok, this $50 million international campaign led to a resurgence in the brand’s popularity.

In 2022, Adidas refreshed the “Impossible is Nothing,” campaign to inspire a new generation of consumers. The “Impossible is Nothing” campaign slogan was incorporated into two distinct campaigns, with two audiences.

The first campaign targeted women and promoted several new products released during the company’s investment in women-focused products. Through partnerships with notable athletes, actors, musicians, and more, Adidas achieved success comparable to its 2004 campaign. Adidas received praised for its inclusive, women-centered print advertising in publications like Forbes. This praise, and the printed advertisements themselves, helped Adidas reach new consumers around the world.

Adidas’ World Cup Campaigns

The second, released in late 2022, targeted soccer fans around the world. While you may be familiar with the advertisements featuring Lionel Messi, you may have missed their international efforts. These efforts targeted Gen Z consumers around the world. In Japan, Adidas hid World Cup kits with commissioned editions of major Manga comics. Other kits with exciting, printed materials and merchandise were hidden in Mexico and Argentina. The result? An international Easter Egg hunt for a generation that is notoriously hard to market to.

Adidas, like many companies, has over-invested in digital advertising before. But in 2022, Print resumed its position as its most influential marketing tool. The “Impossible is Nothing” campaign is a prime example of how print marketing remains an incredibly useful and timeless strategy. Even as technology changes, Adidas continues building customer engagement with tried-and-true print tactics that speak to its wide, growing audience.

Print’s Effectiveness Digital Marketing Era

Many people have questioned if print advertising is still relevant, but the answer is a resounding “YES”! The examples of successful print campaigns in 2022 shared in this piece prove that print media still holds a strong presence in society and in the advertising industry. Despite the rapid advancements in technology and the shift towards immediacy, print campaigns are still highly effective in driving results and increasing revenue.

You must consider the fact that print advertising campaigns can be used with digital ads on social media and other platforms. However, print can also be used independently of other mediums to achieve a targeted approach within a reasonable budget. Every business requires a different approach to traditional and digital marketing, but no business is truly successful without print marketing.

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