Mailing Campaign Services

After the printing press has stopped, our print-driven communications expertise continues charging forward. We offer end-to-end mailing services that minimize cost and maximize campaign effectiveness, ranging from simple postcard mailers to complex and highly personalized multi-piece shipments. Count on us to manage every aspect of mailing and fulfillment with the same attention to detail as our renowned professional printing services. Customers across Philadelphia, including Montgomery and Bucks Counties, benefit from our on-time and on-budget philosophy that supports print communication needs and goals.

Our mailing services

When you choose our mailing services for your direct mail campaign, you’ll receive access to a proficient team and the following time- and money-saving solutions:

Database management and list maintenance

Many companies face a colossal challenge to maintain a current and organized mailing list. To eliminate the risk of sending mailers to out-of-date addresses or having to manually clean up and segment extensive mailing lists, our database management services and list maintenance solution makes your job easier.

This mailing service is designed to:

  • Optimize your deliveries
  • Ensure the best possible mailing rate
  • Make it easier to personalize and target your mailing
  • Increase the typical 1-2% response rate to double digits
  • Maximize your return-on-investment (ROI)

Integrating high-end database management with advanced query software, the database management and list maintenance aspects of our mailing services can save time, money, and headaches.

U.S. Postal Service requirement management

With years of experience working with the U.S. Postal Service, we understand the presort and address formatting requirements to ensure reliable delivery at the best possible rate. Look to our experts for help managing the following requirements for a mail campaign poised for success:

  • Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) Certification – This address verification system determines eligibility for presorted mailing rates. We use the latest CASS technology to secure your company’s CASS qualification, minimize mailing cost, and ensure a high delivery success rate.
  • National Change of Address (NCOA) – This U.S. Postal Service system keeps track of the nearly 160 million permanent change-of-address records of individuals, families, and businesses. We can ensure that your mailing list is current with our NCOA service, helping to reduce undeliverable mail, prevent re-mailings, and reduce avoidable costs.
  • Presorting – Our advanced mail presort technology enables us to barcode and presort your mail according to ZIP code, making it easier for the U.S. Postal Service to process. This mailing services solution helps reduce postage costs and hassle that can interfere with a successful direct mail campaign.

Variable data printing

Often called variable information processing (VIP) and variable imaging (VI), variable data printing (VDP) is part of our on-demand digital printing capabilities often used in conjunction with our mailing services. This printing method allows you to cost-effectively change text, graphics, and images from one piece to the next – without having to pay for extra setup or other printing fees.

VDP can enhance your mail campaign by personalizing and segmenting your print piece to increase:

  • Effectiveness
  • Response rates
  • Return-on-investment ROI)

Are you interested in learning more about our mailing services and solutions? Contact our print and mailing experts today.

Types of direct mailers

 While direct mail campaigns look different for every company and depend on your broader marketing goals, our in-house printing capabilities deliver the ease and convenience of a one-stop-shop. Whether you use our offset or digital printing services for your mailer, we can help you create print communications that resonate with your audience and align with your brand and strategy.

Our mailing services include developing vibrant and high-quality prints, such as:

  • Postcards
  • Catalogs
  • Coupons
  • Letters
  • Flyers
  • Multi-piece shipments

If you’re ready to make an unforgettable impression on your audience, learn more about our exceptional printing capabilities designed to amplify your mailing campaign’s success.

5 Advantages of our mailing services

  1. Convenient – With expert, end-to-end management of the entire mailing process covering the gamut of high-quality professional printing, database and list maintenance, and mailing logistics, we offer a convenient one-stop-shop solution.
  2. Reliable and cost-effective – Our mailing services come with critical solutions for optimizing your direct mail campaign’s reliability and cost-effectiveness. These solutions include an in-depth understanding of all U.S. Postal Service requirements that increase deliverability and minimize postage fees.
  3. Better response rates – Thanks to our robust database management services that maximize the effectiveness of your data using correct queries and analyses, expect to elevate your chances of success. Instead of the typical 1% to 2% response rate for a static, non-personalized mailer, our mailing services could help you earn a response rate in the double digits.
  4. Optimal return-on-investment (ROI) – With the ability to segment and personalize direct mailers using variable data printing (VDP) techniques and eliminate wasteful spending on out-of-date databases, our mailing services can help boost the ROI of your campaign.
  5. Peace of mind – When you have a print communications partner on your side with the unique combination of printing and mailing expertise, your direct mail campaign is bound to be a success. From printing and mailing a simple postcard to the complexities of a hybrid data-driven digital and offset print piece with segmented mailing and distribution, we can deliver the peace of mind of a job done right.

Mailing services FAQ

If you are looking for printing and mailing services worthy of your next campaign, learn more about our offerings with these frequently asked questions:

What do your mailing services include?

Our mailing services include database management, list maintenance, adherence to U.S. Postal Service mailing requirements, and variable data printing capabilities for personalizing and segmenting your direct mail piece.

Can you print and mail my direct mail piece?

Yes. As an award-winning commercial printer with over 20 years of experience, we’ll start by putting our highly trained production team and state-of-the-art equipment to work developing an eye-catching and personalized piece that stands out from the rest. Next, your project will flow to our mailing services experts, who will help with database management and list maintenance. Finally, we’ll navigate U.S. Postal Service requirements to save you time and increase your campaign’s success.

How can I increase the effectiveness of my direct mail campaign?

We can work together to ensure your direct mail campaign is as effective as possible. We’ll start with what we know best. We’ll provide access to our seasoned print and mailing experts who can ensure you have a strong database, personalized messaging, and meet all U.S. Postal Service requirements to reduce re-sends. There are also a few direct mail best practices to employ on your end, such as pairing your mailer with other forms of marketing communication, featuring compelling calls-to-action, and creating a sales follow-up plan.

How much do mailing services cost?

We’ll need to learn more about your unique project to help us provide an accurate quote for mailing services. Feel free to supply a few initial project specifications on our request a custom printing quote page on our website, or reach out to our printing experts to learn more.

What is the geographic reach of your mailing services?

We provide commercial printing and mailing services across Philadelphia, including Montgomery and Bucks Counties, PA.

Why choose us?

When you need your direct mail campaign to hit the mark, count on us to help you achieve your goals. As industry veterans, we offer a convenient and effective end-to-end mailing services solution for managing the mailing and fulfillment after your print piece is complete. Trust us to provide the quality and value you deserve, on time and on budget.

  • Award-winning, nationally recognized printing experts
  • On-time and on-budget philosophy
  • Advanced problem-solving capabilities that avoid issues and delays
  • In-depth knowledge of U.S. Postal Service requirements
  • CASS, NCOA, and presorting technology for maximum campaign effectiveness
  • Convenient online ordering and job status tracking
  • Rich company culture centered on excellence, innovation, and improvement
  • Commitment to donate a portion of our proceeds to cancer research

Contact us today to take advantage of our printing and mailing services.