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Mail Services

Your print project is complete. You’re proud of the vibrant color, the feel of the high-quality paper, and the overall look of your printed materials.  

 The next important step is to get your printed materials into the hands of your audience in a way that is reliable and cost effective. At PDC Graphics, we offer end-to-end solutions and are happy to manage your mailing and fulfillment when the print job is done. 

We recognize the challenge that comes with keeping a mailing list current and organized, which is why offer database management and list maintenance.PDC Graphics’ data management solution is designed to optimize your deliveries and ensure the best possible rate for your mailings. It also makes it easier to personalize and target your mailings according to predetermined criteria. 

Our team has spent years working with the U.S. Postal Service. We know its requirements for pre-sorts and address format to ensure delivery at the best price possible. 

PDC Graphics can assist you with postal required services including: 

  • CASS Certification - This is an address verification system that determines whether your mailings are eligible for presorted mailing rates. We use the latest in CASS technology to make sure you’re qualified and to keep the cost of your mailings as low as possible while also ensuring a high rate of delivery success. 
  • NCOA - We can ensure that your mailing list is current with our National Change of Address (NCOA) service. 
  • Presorting - Our advanced mail pre-sort technology enables us to barcode and pre-sort your mail according to ZIP code, making it easier for the postal service to process. This allows them to charge us (and you) less for postage.  

From the smallest postcard mailing to complicated multi-piece shipments with highly personalized information, we offer expert, end-to-end management of the entire mailing process, while minimizing cost and maximizing the effectiveness of your mail marketing campaigns. We provide mailing campaign services to customers across Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County, PA.


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