Top 7 Direct Mail Marketing Best Practices

When we hear the term “direct mail,” it’s tempting to picture the array of flyers and coupons that seems to clog up your mailbox every few weeks.

When done right, direct mail can be memorable, not disposable. Targeted direct mail has a very distinct and significant advantage over email — when someone receives something in the mail they have to physically look at it. Many/most people who receive direct targeted emails delete them without ever even looking at them.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the direct mail marketing best practices you can use to increase your audience.

1. Target your best prospects

Focus your mailing on the people who clearly have a need for the product or services you are selling.  You don’t want to sell a lawn mower or landscaping services to someone who lives in an apartment building.   And, a roofer wouldn’t want to solicit homeowners living in homes that are new or even under 20 years old.   Targeted direct mail allows you to focus on the recipients who are most likely to need and want to purchase your product or service.

2. Use more than one channel

Multichannel marketing

Sometimes, adhering to direct mail marketing best practices means pairing your marketing tactics with other forms of communication. For example, you could email your audience to remind them to watch their mailbox. The mailer they receive could drive traffic to a custom web page, and so on.

3. Issue calls to action

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Calls to actions (or CTAs) are among the most important direct mail marketing best practices, and they’re also good practice for essentially any marketing campaign.

Your CTA should be clear in directing your audience to the next step you want them to take when they get your mailer: Visit our website, call us to set up an appointment, download our new white paper, make a compelling offer, etc.

4. Customize your message

Imagine you were running for office and had to give two speeches, back-to-back: one to a group of teachers, the other at a nursing home. We’d wager you’d tailor each speech to fit the audience. The teachers would want to know how you’d fix the school system, while the seniors would probably want to hear more about health care.

The same thing is true with your direct mail marketing campaigns. You need to customize your messages for different audiences. Speak their language and use terminology that fits their industry.

5. Make it personal

While customizing your direct mail content is important, it’s equally important to try to personalize each piece of mail as much as possible.

Technology such as variable data printing allows you to include the recipient’s name – or even messaging designed to connect with them – on a piece of mail. It’s far more personal than sending your mailers to “occupant.”  Leverage your data that you have to change your message, or even your imaging for each recipient.

6. Make it stick

Oratory Mailer

There’s only so much you can say on Facebook or Twitter. But direct mail gives you the chance to share a wealth of information with your audience, whether it’s on a flyer, postcard or brochure.

And direct mail tends to stick around. Research has shown a little more than a quarter of mail stays in the home for more than a month.

They’ll have plenty of time to take notice of your content, so make sure it’s worth noticing by including customer testimonials, factors about how your brand can benefit customers and exclusive offers.

7. What next?

Your job isn’t done once the mailer goes in the mail. You should have a follow-up plan ready. Work with your sales team to make sure they know how to move the conversation forward from the mailer’s CTAs. Consider doing an email campaign that keeps your audience engaged with extra content.

Is your company about to embark on a mailing campaign? Do you have additional questions about direct mail marketing best practices? Turn to PDC Graphics.

We believe in doing much more than simply printing mailers and sending them on their way. Our goal is to boost your ROI by tapping into new segments of your customer base and creating personalized mailers that connect with your audience.

Contact us today to request a quote and find out more about how we can assist you in your next direct mail campaign.

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