What is Large Format Printing?

Format large inkjet printer working on yellow vinyl banner

What is large format printing?

Even if this is a term you haven’t heard before, you see examples of this method of printing in everyday life. Posters, banners, cardboard standees in the grocery store, these are all created through large format printing.

The term refers to printed materials that are too big for most standard commercial printing presses. Also known as “wide format printing,” large format printing uses special production equipment that can handle larger-than normal print dimensions.

What is large format printing and how is it different from wide format printing?

Large format printer printing a sale sign

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, wide-format and large-format printing aren’t exactly the same thing.

Rather, wide format printing is a kind of large format printing. Think of it this way: “large format printing” refers to prints bigger than what a common commercial printer can handle, while wide format printing usually means a specific print size.

What is large format printing used for?

As we said earlier, even if you aren’t familiar with industry terms like “large format printing,” you probably see it put into practice on a regular basis.

Here are a few ways large format printing can help your business:

1. Point of purchase displays

Point of Purchase Displays

Your company is getting ready to launch a consumer product. It’s the fruit of months upon months of hard work, but once it gets to stores, it will be just one product among many, all of them competing for the attention of harried shoppers.

With the help of large format printing, you can roll out your product with an attention-grabbing point-of-purchase display that can draw in the eyes of even the busiest customers.

2. Trade shows

tradeshow Display

A good trade show is a busy trade show, a place where your company can showcase its latest innovations and network with others in your field.

But that busy setting can be something of a double-edged sword. With dozens or even hundreds of other businesses putting their products on display, it can be difficult to stand out.

Again, this is where large format printing can help. Signs, posters, banners and wall graphics are all examples of large format products that help you keep your brand front and center and stand out in a sea of other booths.

3. Internal messaging

Large format materials can help your company with in-house projects as well, whether that means a banner to welcome a new executive or a poster to remind employees of a new initiative.

Trust PDC Graphics for your large format printing needs

Wide format printer at Paradigm Graphics

If you need a pop-up display, retractable, banner or custom interior design project, turn to PDC Graphics. We work with the broadest range of flexible substrates, from paper to vinyl to fabric, as well as rigid materials like wood, plastic, glass and metal.

We can also fabricate custom sizes and shapes to provide you with a unique, interesting way to spreading your message. Contact us today to see how we can design and produce a large format printing product that helps your organization stand out.

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