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6 Business Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is an effective channel for engaging customers and prospects. According to the 2022 State of Direct Mail Report, marketers are ramping up direct mail initiatives this year because of its many business advantages. In this post, we’ll highlight why direct mail remains a robust strategy for any organization.

Direct mail marketing is a business-enhancing tool because it helps you:

1. Target your ideal audience

2. Boost brand awareness and loyalty

3. Close deals faster

4. Drive leads and revenue

5. Invest your marketing dollars wisely

6. Stand out from your competitors

Keep reading to learn more about these six business advantages of using direct mail marketing to help you reach your organizational goals.

Target your ideal audience

Advanced direct mail marketing technologies like variable data printing (VDP) allow you to develop a hardworking database to ensure your mailer gets in the right hands. For example, VDP lets you choose the age, location, household income, interests, hobbies, and other criteria that best identify your targets. Then, you can personalize, version, and segment your direct mail campaign to ensure you’re sending the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Boost brand awareness and loyalty

Another business advantage of direct mail marketing is that it can enhance your organization’s branding initiatives by boosting awareness and loyalty. Direct mail is a favorite among brand marketers because it isn’t shrouded in data privacy or digital advertising concerns, making it a more trustworthy method for seeding your company’s name, messaging, and reputation into the minds of your ideal audience.

Close deals faster

Direct mail marketing can also help accelerate sales, particularly if your industry has a notoriously long sales cycle. For instance, you could invite prospects to an event, send post-demo follow-up postcards, or use corporate gifting to engage your audience. Using direct mail in these and other creative ways helps increase customer touchpoints across all stages of the buyer’s journey, keeping your offering top-of-mind and helping to nudge deals to a close faster.

Drive leads and revenue

With an impressive 29% ROI, direct mail is a winning component of any marketing mix, helping to deliver quantifiable leads. However, a direct mail marketing campaign with a sharp strategy can elevate its bottom-line difference for your organization for even more leads and revenue. How much revenue can you expect? A USPS study found that people who received a direct mailer purchased 28% more merchandise and spent 28% more money than non-recipients.

Are you interested in learning how to calculate the ROI of your marketing initiatives? Ask us about IQ Mail, an omnichannel approach to direct mail that effectively attributes and quantifies your campaign results.

Invest your marketing dollars wisely

The campaign tracking abilities built into direct mail marketing technologies like IQ Mail generate intelligent insights you can use to guide your marketing decision-making. Rather than relying on a trial-and-error approach, you can analyze the performance of your previous campaign to determine what worked – and what didn’t. With these helpful insights, you can choose the best way to invest your precious marketing dollars.

Stand out from your competitors

The final business advantage in this post centers on its ability to set you apart from the competition. As marketers increasingly choose a digital-only strategy, direct mail is an excellent way to reach your audience through their mailbox instead of their overcrowded email inbox.

There are many business advantages to using direct mail marketing to achieve your objectives. To ensure you’re getting the most from every campaign, check out our tips for success.

As an award-winning commercial printer specializing in the latest technologies like IQ Mail, we have the expertise and tools to help you get ahead.

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