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We are an award-winning commercial printer serving retail and business customers in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years, led by experts in print driven communication who have spent their careers helping customers grow their businesses and promote their initiatives.

Whether it’s a basic short-run print project, a complex, data-driven blend of digital and offset production, or large-display graphics designed to promote a brand or event, our customers trust us to execute their projects while maintaining the highest standards for efficiency, accuracy and quality.

We’ve cultivated a unique environment here, with a staff, company culture and facility that inspires excellence, innovation and a relentless desire to improve ourselves and drive our clients messaging with a portfolio of print driven products and services.

PDc Graphics has won numerous industry awards

Over the years, PDC Graphics has been honored with numerous awards and accolades from our peers. But those awards only tell a portion of the PDC story. The real story is what we’ve achieved for our customers and what we can achieve for you.

We are committed to meeting your challenges by leveraging our wide array of print equipment and integrated technologies to help you reach your goals.

Some of our key capabilities include:

1. Digital printing

Digial Printing

It is difficult to understate the benefits of digital printing. It’s fast, yet accurate. It’s high-quality, but still provides an excellent return on your investment.

Our on-site digital printing group uses industry-leading technologies to benefit our customers, with capabilities that combine peak performance, efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Our customer portals can connect directly to our devices to allow for virtual print on demand for speed and accuracy, printing a maximum size of 14 by 26 inches to capitalize on the type of pieces that can be produced.

We can print using metallic gold, silver and clear inks to create striking effects. With digital printing, you can personalize both images and text, driven by your data and in glorious full color.

2. Offset printing

Example of offset printing

Our offset presses can execute single-pass, four, five and six-color prints in one pass. We can also add varnish and coatings – inline and offline – including aqueous and UV coating for both effect and to protect the final printed product.

With offset printing, you can count on consistently high-quality work, as our experienced press operators combined with our high-tech equipment are meticulous in how they produce our customers’ printed product.

Another key benefit of offset printing is the savings you’ll realize on bigger jobs. The more pieces you require, the less it can cost per piece to create them.

3. Large format printing

Example of large format printing

We leverage the industry’s leading platform to create spectacular yet cost-effective display materials for a wide range of uses. Whether it’s a point-of-purchase display for a new product rollout, banners to help you stand out at a trade show or a poster designed to promote an internal initiative.

As a leading commercial printer in Philadelphia, PA, PDC Graphics works with the broadest range of flexible substrates: paper, fabrics and vinyl, along with rigid materials like wood, glass, metal and plastic. We can also fabricate custom sizes and shapes, giving customers a distinctive way to share their messages.

4. Personalization and data-driven printing (VDP)

We know how seeing their name in print on a piece of bulk mail can instantly raise a customer’s level of curiosity, which is why we offer personalization services through variable data printing, or VDP.

VDP lets you draw more value from your print driven communications by offering a way to personalize any printed piece. But moving personalized info from a database – particularly a large database – can be difficult. We can help and look forward to guiding you through the world of VDP and making it part of your business’ marketing strategy.

Our leadership has more than a century’s worth of experience in the Philadelphia, PA commercial print arena and we’ve taken pains to invest in the highest-quality technology and retain employees committed to bringing you high-quality commercial print products in a manner that provides you with the greatest return on your investment.

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