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Your printed materials communicate crucial information about your business. You need a strong, clear message, great visuals, and vivid color. They must communicate the message that you value quality in everything you do. Determining the best printing method needed to achieve this goal is one of the benefits of working with an experienced offset printing services partner like PDC Graphics.

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It might be a sales brochure that tells prospective clients how you can help them, or maybe it’s a poster you’ll hang up on your factory floor that reminds your team about new safety regulations.

You need to know that your printed materials will grab your audience with brilliant, faithfully reproduced colors and graphics. At PDC Graphics, we’ll match your project with the best production method for the job. 

The best production method is often offset printing, in which an image is transferred from a metal plate onto a rubber blanket, which then rolls the image onto a sheet of paper.

Why use offset printing services?

The benefits of offset printing include: 

  • Clean, sharp images - You can expect consistently high-quality prints when you use offset printing. An experienced pressman can regulate the ink in such a way to avoid low-contrast prints. 
  • Lower cost when printing high-volume runs - Offset printing has higher setup costs upfront but can save money in the long run versus digital printing. A key advantage when using offset printing is the amount of money you’ll save on bigger jobs. The more pieces you need printed; the less it costs to create each piece.
  • Speed - Although there’s more work involved in the set-up of an offset print project, these steps ensure fast, consistent printing for high-volume orders.  
  • Versatility - Offset printing offers the widest range of paper types along with the broadest spectrum of colored inks. The level of creativity possible is limited only by your imagination.  

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Our offset presses can execute single-pass, four-, five-, and six-color prints, in sheet sizes that range from 8.5 by 11 inches to 23 by 29 inches. In addition, we can add varnish and coating, including aqueous coating, to protect your prints. 

The initial set-up costs associated with offset printing will be quickly recouped by a lower cost per unit, especially on higher quantity jobs. It’s a printing method that offers the broadest range of ink and paper stock options, along with the highest quality of color matching and repeatability.  

Let our award-winning, nationally recognized professional printing experts tell your story with brilliant production values. We provide offset printing services to customers across Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA.


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