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7 Reasons to Use Print Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

Amid the rise of digital advertising channels like Twitter, Facebook, and email, print marketing remains a time-tested strategy for boosting customer engagement and sales. In fact, 72% of corporations use direct mail advertising to build brand awareness effectively. As demand for print continues its upward climb, experts predict remarkable growth in the commercial printing market through 2025, giving this valuable marketing strategy even more momentum.

If you’re considering adding print marketing to your mix, this article will break down our seven favorite reasons to proceed with confidence:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Environmentally friendly
  3. Creative
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Time-efficient
  6. Convenient
  7. Personalized

Harness the power of print marketing


As we covered in our blog article on how to improve your print marketing strategy, 82% of consumers trust print more than any other advertising method when making purchasing decisions. Why? Because print marketing isn’t tainted by data privacy concerns and dubious digital advertising practices, such as fake online ads and intrusive pop-ups. Consumers’ trust in print shows, too, with direct mail marketing response rates 37% higher than email marketing.

Environmentally friendly

The print industry has made tremendous investments in renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly materials, making it one of the most sustainable industries. In fact, the paper industry uses only 17% of the trees cut globally. Additionally, the North American sector plants 1.7 million trees per day more than it cuts, contributing to 20% more trees in the US than 40 years ago.

Think email marketing is green? Check out this well-researched infographic with the staggering environmental impact of SPAM emails.


Print marketing is brimming with creative and versatile ideas to make a splash, from large format signs and banners to offset and digital print-driven communications. Integrated direct mail services allow you to bring your vibrant, high-quality postcards, catalogs, coupons, letters, flyers, and multi-piece shipments to life.

Need creative inspiration? Check out our portfolio of print marketing projects.


A recent survey revealed that direct mail marketing campaigns have a higher return on investment (ROI) than paid search and online display ads, making it cost-effective to add to your marketing mix. Pairing your mailer with IQ Mail lets you level up the cost-effectiveness of your campaign even more, helping to lift your results by 23-46%. This intelligent omnichannel approach incorporates print and digital channels to reach your audience, helping to boost response rates and ROI.


Print is a useful marketing tool even if your deadline is tight. Planning and communication are vital components to expediting the turnaround time of your piece, giving you and your printer the essential details to schedule your quick-turn project.

Looking for concrete strategies for speeding up your next commercial print project? Head to the blog for our advice.


Experienced commercial printers with expert, end-to-end management experience in all aspects of high-quality printing make it easy and convenient to produce effective and eye-catching print marketing pieces. Choose a print partner with strategic business sense, advanced printing technologies, and a solid dedication to service for even more value.


Finally, 7 out of 10 Americans report finding direct mail advertising more personal than digital ads, pointing to the highly personalized benefits of using print. With the ability to access detailed consumer data and advanced technologies like variable data printing (VDP), you can pinpoint your target audience effectively with a message tailored just for them. There are many compelling reasons to incorporate print marketing into your mix. So, why not try it? Reach out to our print-driven communications team to learn how our full-service commercial printing services can benefit your organization.

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