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The Power of the Big Ask

Master the Art of the Big Ask in Your Next Solicitation Campaign: Blog Series Part 2

If merely asking for support was all nonprofits had to do to survive, nearly every organization would effortlessly meet its financial goals, satisfy its stakeholders, and leave an indelible imprint on the world. Unfortunately, such a soaring success isn’t the reality for many organizations. Many struggle to stay afloat. In an article on why nonprofits fail by the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives (NANOE), experts point to data from the National Center on Charitable Statistics, which estimates that 30% of nonprofits do not survive after ten years, no matter how worthy the cause or mission.

While many factors can influence a nonprofit’s success, data points like this suggest that organizations must do all they can to survive, including mastering the art of the big ask. After all, long-term sustainability relies on a sound revenue development strategy, especially in today’s highly competitive climate. Now, the simple act of asking for support isn’t enough – it’s about how you ask that matters the most.

This nuanced approach infuses infinitely more power – and pressure – into the big ask, but it’s essential to master so that your organization can successfully:

  • Raise funds
  • Nurture donor relationships
  • Build other forms of support, such as a volunteer base

Our next blog post in this series, we’ll take a deep dive into strategies for how to make the big ask. Check back, or subscribe to be notified of the next blog post in the Master the Art of the Big Ask series.

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