These direct mail marketing trends are going nowhere

3 Pandemic-Spurred Direct Mail Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere Soon

The pandemic has changed our lives in immeasurable ways, altering how we live and work. Dramatic shifts have left many wondering whether things will eventually revert to the way they were or whether we’ll continually define a “new normal.” In the print communications industry – and most other aspects of life – the latter appears to be true. However, amid the constant ebb and flow, we’ve noticed a few of direct mail marketing trends that don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. And we’re glad because they have the power to dramatically improve response rates and campaign success.

In this article, we’ll uncover three pandemic-spurred direct mail trends we think are here to stay:

  • Trend #1: Direct mail is driving more digital activity
  • Trend #2: Direct mail engagement is increasing
  • Trend #3: Direct mail supports and empowers vulnerable groups

Continue reading to learn more about these three interesting direct mail marketing observations and how they can help improve your response rates and success.

Trend #1: Direct mail is driving more digital activity than ever Direct mail marketing has generated record levels of digital activity, according to the latest JICMAIL report, driving a 41% increase in tablet or smartphone use in a two-year growth trend. The report revealed other interesting digital activity data points, including:

· 9% of mail drives consumers to advertiser websites

· 6% of mail recipients seek new information about a brand online

· 5% of mail prompts recipients to access their online account details

Increases in direct mail’s effectiveness at driving digital actions emerged about a year ago and show no signs of dissipating, thanks to new omnichannel tools like IQ Mail. This technology makes it easier for brands to generate online activity from direct mail by turning a single mailer into multiple impressions across various digital platforms.

Trend #2: Direct mail engagement is increasing

The JICMAIL report also revealed that direct mail engagement remains at pandemic lockdown highs, with recipients interacting with a single mailer 4.4 times each month. Data also shows that direct mail advertising remains in a recipient’s home for more than a week on average, demonstrating the perceived high value of mailers in this pandemic era. Looking for hints on using direct mail marketing to increase engagement? Check out our article with 10 engagement-boosting tips.

Trend #3: Direct mail supports and empowers vulnerable groups Industry experts suggest that direct mail played a critical role in supporting and empowering vulnerable groups throughout the pandemic, including those without online skills or who lack access to a computer and/or the internet. With social distancing in place, many felt relieved not having to call on others to help them upload or download attachments because of a mailer’s easy accessibility. As a result, the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) reiterates the importance of continuing to incorporate traditional direct mail into marketing campaigns – with or without a digital component – as a tried-and-true approach for reaching and supporting vulnerable audiences.

Like many aspects of business and life, the pandemic has changed how we think about direct mail marketing. By staying ahead of these and other industry trends, we’ll help you evolve your print communications strategy to enhance the results of your next campaign. Head to our website to learn more about our range of mailing campaign services, including personalized variable data printing (VDP), database management, list maintenance, and our signature omnichannel technology, IQ Mail. Reach out to get started today.

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