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6 Tips for Business Growth in 2022

As many businesses learn to pivot – and pivot again – in response to the pandemic, others are just getting off the ground. So-called ‘pandemic entrepreneurs’ started 4.4 million new businesses in the last year, a nearly 25% increase over 2019, marking the most startups on record. Whether you’re a new player on the scene or a seasoned pro seeking more market share, business growth is essential for your success.

In this article, we’re getting down to basics with six helpful ways to scale your business in 2022:

  1. Get to know your customers
  2. Provide excellent customer service
  3. Deploy growth-oriented marketing tactics
  4. Hone your sales process
  5. Get involved in your community
  6. Refine your business growth strategy as you go

Continue reading to learn more about these strategies for taking your business to the next level.

Get to know your customers better

Brand experts have found that customers who feel understood shop more (and complain less), a driving force for business growth. Developing a clear understanding of your target customer helps you package your product and service offerings with their needs in mind. While demographics are essential markers to know, consider other factors, such as their motivations, frustrations, and beliefs. You can dig deeper into these customer aspects by connecting with them on social media, asking for their feedback, and tracking their buying behaviors.

Provide excellent customer service

Training your team to focus on the customer experience is another way to grow your business, especially in a saturated marketplace with many competitors. When your customers know that you have their back, they’re happy – and happy customers lead to more referrals and brand loyalty through repeat business. Engaging with them and personalizing their experience is central to a customer service strategy that nurtures long-term customer relationships.

Deploy growth-oriented marketing tactics

Marketing can also help generate measurable business growth. Beyond promoting your products and services, marketing can also help build customer relationships and maintain your reputation. To make the most of your marketing dollars, invest in tactics that maximize your return on investment (ROI). For instance, if direct mail is part of your marketing strategy, consider an omnichannel campaign that combines print, digital, and other technologies that amplify impressions and enhance results cost-effectively.

Hone your sales process

A well-designed sales process can help you generate leads and convert more of them into customers. Whether through a customer relationship management (CRM) system or another method, proactively connecting with your sales prospects and meeting their needs at every step along the customer journey is a surefire way to realize measurable business growth.

Get involved in the community

Increasing your brand visibility can also help you achieve business growth. Consider getting involved with your business community through events and tradeshows or supporting the community-at-large through involvement with non-profit organizations. Aligning yourself with initiatives that matter can also seed positive perceptions of your company, helping you stand out from your competitors.

Refine your strategy as you go

No business growth strategy is one-size-fits-all, making it critical to continually assess the effectiveness of your efforts and refine your approach as you go. Focusing your resources on the areas that produce the best results can maximize your profits as you ascend the ladder of success.

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