Custom Pocket Folder Printing Ideas That Wow

A pocket folder has two crucial jobs: keeping important materials well organized and presenting your information in an attractive, professional way.

Pocket folders are ubiquitous in the business world. Companies use them for everything from media kits when announcing new products or hosting events to presenting their annual reports to shareholders.

When you hire a new employee, a pocket folder allows you to compile all the materials they’ll need – insurance forms, employee handbooks, etc. – in one convenient place.

And when you’re trying to attract potential clients, a pocket folder is an easy way to showcase your products and services in one place.

Non-profit organizations use pocket folders to present their cause to donors and supporters, announce special campaigns and events and, report on their annual activities. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at the benefits of using these folders, along with some of the things you can do to customize your next pocket folder to make it stand out from your competitors’.

Customer Pocket Folder Templates

What are the advantages of using custom pocket folders?

There’s more to a pocket folder than just storage. The advantages include:

  • They make a positive impression on clients and others whom you need to impress by showing both your range of products and services and your commitment to professionalism.
  • They allow you to market your company and – when you include a corporate logo on your folder – promote your brand.
  • They increase in-house efficiency, allowing you to keep information on clients and projects in a single place and ensuring employees all have the same information.

The basics of a good pocket folder

There are a few things to look for in a high-quality pocket folder:

  • Paper stock – The key here is finding a middle ground between too thin – you don’t want to see your folder droop when it’s being held up – and too heavy (as these folders can essentially “crack” when the material bends).
  • Finish – Coated pocket folders will typically be more-durable and more eye-catching than uncoated pocket folders.
  • The right printing company – Ask for printing samples before you begin to make sure the company you’re considering is up to the task.

Beyond these basics, there are a few ways you can customize your pocket folder to take it to a whole new level, including:

An extra panel

The traditional folder design involves one or two pockets on each side. Adding a third panel – which serves as part of the cover – gives you an extra page to tell your product’s/company’s story and keeps materials from falling out.

Index tabs

Bring an additional level of organization to your pocket folder with index tabs. Whether vertical or horizontal, these additions will keep the inside of the folder looking neat and professional.

Unique die-cuts

Christmas Themed Pocket Folder

Most pocket folders follow the same format: rectangular pockets with a straight slit for housing business cards. Go a different route by using wave cuts or sharper angles.

Share your merchandise

Rather than simply including your business card inside your folder, use this space to share little gifts, such as a magnet with your company logo and some contact info.

Add a spine attachment

A spine attachment allows you to turn your presentation folder into an information packet that can be stored in a three-ring binder for future use, while adding extra support to your folder.

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